The CentOS servers that I am using is run on CLI (Command-Line Interface) mode. But in some cases, I need to have a desktop to install some applications with GUI (Graphic User Interface) mode. I will use GNOME, the most popular user-friendly desktop for any UNIX based system.

1. Using yum, we will need to install X Windows System  as the based for GUI and rich input device capability:

$ yum groupinstall -y 'X Window System'

2. Then then we can install GNOME desktop environment on top of it:

$ yum groupinstall -y 'Desktop'

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Ive needed to know what the site-to-site vpn key is when reconfiguring a firewall.  No one knew what the password is & I was under the impression that I would have to just reset the password on both ends. Well, Ive learned that a command can provide more information without having to reset the vpn key on the other side. If you do a ‘show run’ on the ASA, you will see that you can not see what the key is. It just gives you an: *

tunnel-group type ipsec-l2l
tunnel-group ipsec-attributes
pre-shared-key *

Ok, I need that password. So, Ive learned that if you do a “more system:/running-config”, it will show you that pass key.
Below is what is displayed when I enter the command:

tunnel-group type ipsec-l2l
tunnel-group ipsec-attributes
pre-shared-key !Password1!!


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To get to other client firewalls (which only allows SSH access).  Here is how to SSH from any Cisco router or switch to another device:

ssh -l zope

the SSH command, -l means “username”, which is “zope” for me, and then the target address you are trying to reach .  In this case

Many Acrobat users love the context menus added to Windows Explorer that allow them to right-click a file (of any supported type) and convert it into a PDF file, or right-click a selection of multiple files and either convert them all, or combine them into a single PDF file or PDF Portfolio.  On occasion, this context menu disappears during updates. If that happens to you, there’s a way to bring it back

These are the instructions for Windows 7 64-bit and Acrobat X


  • Right-click “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as Administrator”
  • Type the following single line, including the quotes, and press Enter: