Download BGInfo from HERE

Extract and Open bginfo.  On the Right side of the configuration window, you can edit the content to customize the fields to appear on your system wallpaper.  Once edited, click file -> Save as -> Type the name as .bgi and select location C:\BGInfo folder  BGInfo folder should
have bginfo.exe and your filename.bgi file.  (as shown in the below picture)


Now logon to your domain controller and copy the BGInfo folder to a shared network drive.  Create a batch file with following line and save it as “RunBGInfo.bat”

\\ServerName\SharedFolder\bginfo.exe \\ServerName\SharedFolder\bginfo.bgi /timer:0 /NOLICPROMPT

Save and test the batch file to see whether script is functioning as expected
Copy this batch file to the shared drive location where bginfo.exe is located [ex: \\PDC\netlogon].  At this point you can run it manually or setup Group Policy to apply this to an OU.


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